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Theodore W. Allen and The Invention of the White Race by Jeffrey B. Perry New Video

New Video
Theodore W. Allen and The Invention of the White Race
by Jeffrey B. Perry

This slide presentation/talk on “Theodore W. Allen and ‘The Invention of the White Race’" by Jeffrey B. Perry was presented on Saturday, June 18, 2016, at a "Multiracial Organizing Conference" on "Organizing Poor and Working Class Whites: The Challenge of Building a Multiracial Movement," at the Beloved Community Center, 417 Arlington St., Greensboro, NC.

The two-day conference pulled together a “multiracial” group of mostly young organizers from the South, who are doing work among poor and working people, and who oppose class exploitation and oppression and emphasize the centrality of struggle against white supremacy to efforts at social change.

The video includes some important insights from the life and work of Hubert Harrison, "the father of Harlem Radicalism."

Organizer Ben Wilkins coordinated the two-day conference and other speakers included long-time activists Joyce Johnson, Rosalyn Pelles, Bob Zellner, Al McSurely, Leonard Zeskind, and Devin Burghart.

Special thanks go to Eric Preston (and Fusion Films) for help in the preparation of this video.

Please share this video with others! The struggle against white supremacy is central to efforts at social change!

For the video CLICK HERE

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