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Jeffrey B. Perry Blog

Update on Hubert Harrison and Theodore W. Allen Society Activities from Muriel Tillinghast, Coordinator. Thanks to Brecht Forum, Herb Boyd, Helen Toppins, and C-SPAN for the Event. Upcoming William Loren Katz and Alondra Nelson Presentations May 3 and 18

On behalf of the Hubert Harrison-Theodore W. Allen Society at the Brecht Forum, thank you for coming to the Herb Boyd presentation on Malcolm X emanating from the book by him and others, By Any Means Necessary, Malcolm X, Real not Re-invented. From the discussion and feedback, this event was of great interest and  Read More 
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Sean Ahern, Comments on the “State of the Union” Conference March 10, 2012 New York City

The United Federation of Teachers leadership’s support for mayoral control today follows from the Unity Caucus’ longstanding opposition to community control and affirmative action, which dates from the late 1960’s and the 1968 strikes in particular but which of course has much deeper roots in US history. Read More 
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