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Jeffrey B. Perry Blog

Hubert Harrison's 1926 "World Problems of Race" Courses

"World Problems of Race" – Ninety-five years ago, in September 1926, Hubert Harrison completed a 10 week-course on "World Problems of Race" at 200 W. 135th St. in New York. It was attended by some 70 of Harlem's leading activists including Richard B. Moore, W. A. Domingo, and Williana Jones Burroughs. A photo of the class can be found in volume 2 of the Hubert Harrison biography – "Hubert Harrison: The Struggle for Equality" (Columbia University Press, December 2020) and a portion of the photo is on the cover of volume 2.
The course outline was:
"Rise of the Modern Idea of Race"
"The Expansion and Dominance of Europeans"
"The Black Man's Burden: Africa"
"Race Problems in America"
"India and the British Empire"
"China and the Powers
"Japan: The Frankenstein of European Imperialism"
"The Revolt of Islam"
"Epilogue: Caliban Considers"
This course was followed by a second course on "World Problems of Race" on 136th St. with an outline as follows":
1. Race and its Reactions in History and Science.
2. The Black Man in History and Civilization.
3. The White Race's Rise to Power and Privilege.
4. The Partition of Africa.
5. Race and Color Problems in America and the West Indies.
6. The Brown Bridge of Britain's Empire -- From Egypt to India.
7. China and the Power.
8. Soviet Russia: Its Bearing on White Rulership over Darker Races.
9. The League of Nations and the Future of the Darker Races.
10. The Collapse of the Caucasian: A Forecast.

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