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Jeffrey B. Perry Blog

Special Discounts on "Hubert Harrison: The Struggle for Equality, 1918-1927"

Special 38% off sale on "Hubert Harrison: The Struggle for Equality, 1918-1927" for $24.99 from Barnes and Noble for Nook Book (E Book) available for pre-order (available on 12/22/20) See HERE



This volume is also available at 22% off from Google Play at $31.99 for Web, Tablet, Phone, and eReader (publication listed as 12/22/20). See HERE


It is also available (on December 8) in hardcover, paperback, and E-book at 20% off from Columbia University Press (use coupon code "CUP20") See HERE


You will not be billed until book is released to you.


Please share this information. Great gift idea for family and friends.


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