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Jeffrey B. Perry Blog

Re: August 25, 1920 “Mr. [Hubert] Harrison is the most scholarly and learned member of the [UNIA] convention”

Hubert Harrison spoke on August 25, 1920 at the Universal Negro Improvement Association’s “First International Convention of the Negro Peoples of the World.” He spoke at the Marcus Garvey movement's Liberty Hall on "What Shall We Do To Be Saved?" The "Negro World" article on his talk commented:

“Mr. Harrison is the most scholarly and learned member of the convention no one will deny; for that matter, there is scarcely a man in all the race whose learning is so profound, whose knowledge of economics, religion, sociology, science, art, politics, literature is such as seems inexhaustible. . . . But, best of all, this man of remarkable erudition is daily endeavoring to use his learning and knowledge in helping to solve the problems of his race, a very commendable example to others possessing talents and training of a very high order.”

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