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Jeffrey B. Perry Blog

Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem RadicalismHugh Hamilton Interviews Jeffrey B. Perryon The Meeting on the African Village SquareWVIP 93.5 FM, New Rochelle June 22, 201412:30 AM (in morning)

June 22, 2014
Sunday early morning at 12:30 AM (show actually starts at midnight on Saturday, July 21)
Host Hugh Hamilton of "The Meeting on the African Village Square," WVIP 93.5 FM in New Rochelle discusses St. Croix, Virgin Islands-born, Harlem-based, Hubert Harrison, "The Father of Harlem Radicalism," with Jeffrey B. Perry. Listen live by CLICKING HERE or HERE
For more information on Hubert Harrison CLICK HERE
For a video on Hubert Harrison CLICK HERE
For more on Hugh Hamilton CLICK HERE

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