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Jeffrey B. Perry Blog

Update on “The Lautenberg Amendment” Efforts Are Underway to Make it Permanent

According to The Chicago Jewish News online” --

“Mark Hetfield, the president of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the leading Jewish immigrant advocacy group, said Lautenberg’s final legacy may be making his amendment permanent.

The amendment now requires renewal every year, and at times has been threatened when Congress cannot agree on a budget, as was the case this year.

An amendment authored by Lautenberg to the immigration overhaul now under consideration in Congress would allow the president to fund the Lautenberg provisions without congressional approval. The amendment was part of a package approved last month by the Judiciary Committee, and the odds are that the full bill will pass.”

See Ron Kampeas, “In Senate, Lautenberg maintained commitment to the Jewish Community” in “The Chicago Jewish News online” 6/7/2013
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