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Jeffrey B. Perry Blog

The first installment of The St. Croix African Roots Project (SCARP) is now available online

The first installment of the St. Croix African Roots Project (SCARP) research is now available online through the efforts of the Virgin Islands Social History Associates (VISHA) and Ancestry.com.
The St. Croix African Roots Project was initiated in 2002 by VISHA and seeks to bring together records that document the population, families and individuals on St. Croix during the period of Danish rule. The first installment includes the U.S. Virgin Islands St. Croix Slave Lists (1772-1821) and Population Census (1835-1911), which together contain information on more than 700,000 enslaved people, enslavers, and family members.
These records will be searchable for free until the end of July.
Other installments, to be added soon, include-the following:
** Slave Trade Shipping Records 1749-1802
** Names and prices of enslaved Africans sold from slave ships to purchasers on St. Croix
** Property Inventories 1755-1848
** Names, occupations, property values, locations and family relations of enslaved individuals
** Free Persons of Color Records 1740-1834 -- Periodic censuses, lists and freedom charters for the free colored population and other special censuses and papers
** Church Records 1744-1917 -- Records of baptisms, marriages, births and deaths of enslaved and free persons belonging to the Lutheran, Dutch Reform, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Moravian churches in St. Croix
** Vital Statistics 1820-1917 -- Records of births, death, and marriages on an annual basis with information about family relations
** Vaccination Records 1823-1853 -- Smallpox vaccination records for all enslaved on plantations for the years 1823-1824 and annual vaccinations performed in both towns and plantations 1829-1853
** Emancipation Records 1848 -- Compiled for all enslaved on plantation who were freed in order to establish compensation amounts for the owners
** Movements of Plantation Workers 1848-1870 -- Traces the movements of formerly enslaved around St. Croix and off-island in the years after emancipation
** Immigration Records 1850-1917 -- Documents immigration of people from other Caribbean Islands to St. Croix after emancipation
** Laborer Lists 1849-1917 -- Lists of laborers working on the plantations

The St. Croix African Roots Project (SCARP) is a multi-national research and documentation project. The Virgin Islands Social History Associates (VISHA), a non-profit organization headquartered on St. Croix, launched SCARP in 2002 "to promote the development of a multi-faceted, historiography in which African descents are accorded identity, humanity and agency."
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