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Jeffrey B. Perry Blog

“Some Statistics on the Class and White Supremacist Shaping of U.S. Society” by Jeffrey B. Perry

Millions are suffering under the class and white supremacist shaping of U.S. society and these conditions are worsening. See the article “The Developing Conjuncture and Some Insights From Hubert Harrison and Theodore W. Allen on the Centrality of the Fight Against White Supremacy,” by Jeffrey B. Perry, Here (top left) or Here (which was written a few years ago for the sources for these statistics).

Hubert Harrison (1883-1927) and Theodore W. Allen (1919-2005) offer important insights for understanding this situation.

For information on Hubert Harrison see Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, and Click Here

For a video of a Slide Presentation/Talk on “Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism” at the Dudley Public Library in Roxbury, Mass.
Click Here

For a briefer video see Hubert Harrison: “The Father of Harlem Radicalism” – A Brief Introduction – Video Presentation by Jeffrey B. Perry at Click Here
and Click Here

For A Slide Presentation/Talk on Theodore W. Allen’s “The Invention of the White Race” at the Brecht Forum in New York City Click Here

For information on Jeffrey B. Perry Click Here

This video is part of a five-part presentation series on Hubert Harrison and Theodore W. Allen conducted at The Commons in Brooklyn, NY in 2014. This segment was videoed on September 6, 2014, by Fred Nguyen of Fan Smiles.
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