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Jeffrey B. Perry Blog

Vote to Co-Name 134th St. (btwn. Lenox Avenue/Malcolm X Blvd. and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd.) as Hubert Harrison Place -- It's Been A Long Time Coming!

Board Members Vote Unanimously
Members of the Parks Recreation & Transportation Committee of Community Board 10, in Harlem voted unanimously on May 11, 2011, to Co-Name 134th St. between Lenox Avenue/Malcolm X Blvd. and Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Blvd. as Hubert Harrison Place.
Hubert Harrison, “The Father of Harlem Radicalism,” pioneering soapbox orator, founder of the Liberty League (1917), and editor of "The Voice: A Newspaper for the New Negro" (1917-1918), the "New Negro" (1919), and the "Negro World" (1920), lived on that block and often spoke at 134h and Lenox, which was known as “Liberty’s Corner.”
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