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Jeffrey B. Perry Blog

“Englewood’s Mackay Park Basketball Legends” Multi-DVD Series of Interviews Conducted by Melvin L. Drakeford

“Englewood’s Mackay Park Basketball Legends” contains interviews with former great Mackay Park (Englewood, NJ) basketball players.

The multi-DVD series was created by Melvin L. Drakeford with the assistance of Robert Sims and Aaron White.

Among the interviewees are Melvin L. Drakeford, James “Sid” Jordan, Lucious Menter, Thomas “Moose” Monroe, Junious “Yogi” Daniels,” Clarence Becote, Charlie Reid, Frankie Taylor, Steve Walls, William “Chuck” James, Charlie Lee, William Dismus, David “Dynamite” Johnson, Sherman White, Bill Willoughby, Gerald Aldridge, Stewie Robinson, Damian Harrison, Junie Tinsley, Brian Ponton, Robert Johnson, Rufus Dempsey Oatman, and Tommy T-Bone Jackson.

For more information or to order copies of this documentary call 212-362-0393.

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