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Hubert Harrison
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Hubert Harrison on Elizabeth Lindsay Davis
September 13, 1908

March 3, 2014

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Mrs. E. Lindsay Davis, the president of the Phyllis [sic] Wheatley (Club) Home Association of Chicago . . . came here [to NYC] to attend the sixth biennial convention of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs two weeks ago, went to Philadelphia some time ago and came back to our city on Friday. Tomorrow she leaves for her home. I heard her speak of the work of her Club at the meeting of the Colored Y.W.C.A. at Carnegie Lyceum on the day before the convention met; on the second night of the convention's sessions (Tuesday); on the following Sunday when the delegates met at the White Rose Home, and tonight at Bethel church. The work in which she is engaged is a great and noble one, as is the general work of the Association, and I wish her all success. I had two or three most profitable talks with her, learnt much of the work in Chicago and told her of some of our work here. I have promised to write and she has promised to send me such matters of historical importance as may come into her hand. She leaves with my highest commendation and heartiest good wishes. These women of the Association have been a great inspiration to me.

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